对细节的注重,贯穿了 Molteni&C. 设计的各式桌子。由于采用了配有聚氨酯宽嵌件的可自行折叠的桌腿,Patricia Urquiola 设计的 Diamond 桌子系列使人们想起了日本的折纸艺术。有好几款结构和桌面的饰面可供选择,绝佳选择是 Sahara Noir 大理石饰面。除了 Diamond 以外,这位西班牙设计师为 Molteni&C 系列创造了另外两张桌子:Codex 和 Asterias。第一张桌子继承了 Scriba 书桌和 Night&Day 沙发的风格,其独特的基座与条形码相似。第二张桌子的灵感来源于同名的仙人掌植物(Astrophytum asterias,也被称为星球)。它同样有一些引人注目的细节,比如旋转的中心板和六个弯曲的木板,其形状像楔子,完全由3D打印而成,覆盖于底座上。英国工作室 Foster + Partners 设计了 Arc,并在 2011 年凭借此设计赢得了 Elle Decor 设计奖。因为它采用的基座(灵感来自现代建筑中使用的一种拉伸结构),以及制作中使用的材料(一种特制大块彩色水泥),被称为“雕塑般的桌子”。它是创新、耐用和环保的产品。Molteni&C 的产品目录还包含了 LessLess,该系列最初是 Jean Nouvel(Graduate 悬挂式书柜的设计师)为卡地亚当代艺术基金会设计的。桌子不管是长方形还是正方形,其特色是纤细的水平桌面,以及运用转角和折角以保证卓越的耐用性。接下来是 Ron Gilad 的 45°/Table 系列,这个系列的独特之处在于它的圆形桌面,桌面可从 90 度角转动到 45 度角。它的桌面由透明玻璃制成,而其铝制结构可选不透明漆面,或者包裹黑栎木。米兰设计师 Rodolfo Dordoni 为的Molteni&C 设计师桌子系列创造了三套桌子。第一款是 Mayfair,有着梯形或截短的金字塔形支撑基座,配有钢化玻璃或木质桌面。在 Where 系列中也能找到同样的几何元素。最后是 Filigree 桌子,其铸铝制成的蜿蜒桌腿别具一格。由于采用了创新的隐藏式侧向伸缩系统,即使桌面极为细长,也能将其展开。

Ignazio Gardella's Blevio table is elegant with linear lines and geometric details and is part of Molteni&C's Heritage Collection. It is rich in details that reveal themselves upon close observation.


The large table designed by Michael Anastassiades, Half a Square, presents a unique balance between the essential lines of the style and the richness of the materials used: aluminum, marble, reflective glass, eucalyptus, and graphite or thermo oak. The triangular geometry in brass finish summarizes the aesthetic distinctiveness of Anastassiades' style, capturing its elegance.


The D.859.1 rectangular table, designed by Gio Ponti for Molteni&C in 1959, was born as a large table in solid ash with brass tips, striking a great harmony between lightness and modernity. Today it is available both in its original version and in wood with dark tones, such as ash stained black, in different sizes.


The modern tables in the Ava Table collection faithfully represent Foster + Partners' philosophy of designing environmentally friendly buildings and furniture.  The Ava Table is single-material, made entirely of wood, a natural material that is easily recyclable. The Ava Table meets the need for greater eco-sustainability without sacrificing quality presentation. Arc, a contemporary table sculpture, is distinguished by the materials: a new “light” cement, while the base is inspired by the technostructures currently used in modern buildings. Arc was awarded the ELLE DECOR Design Award in 2011 for its innovation and the low environmental impact of its creation.


Rodolfo Dordoni signature Gatwick large table features a distinctive aluminum structure and several contemporary finishes to choose from, such as black nickel, pewter (satin), and iris (satin). Alternatively, the Filigree project includes a series of fixed and extendable tables with a die-cast aluminum frame.

Asterias, a generously sized round table, showcases the signature style of Spanish designer and architect Patricia Urquiola. The table features a central base reminiscent of the cactus from which it takes its name. It is composed of six curved wood panels (available in essence, graphite oak, sunrise oak, and eucalyptus) in the shape of a wedge, cantilevered onto the central plinth, and made using the special 3D molding technique. Asterias also features a practical accessory: a central turntable. Among our modern-design tables, Diamond, whose legs resemble the shape of a delicate origami, also stands out. The square or rectangular tops are available in glass or marble, with support structures in polished aluminum, matte, glossy lacquer (excluding pewter and copper), copper, or pewter (metal finishes).


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