Telaro is a rug featuring a geometric motif and a linear pattern. A series of spaces arranged regularly with each other, featuring different sizes and orientations which thus define a contrasting grid.

Design Marta Ferri

Technical Details

The precious semi-combed wool rug features a woven surface distinguished by a play of reliefs, achieved by means of skilled craftsmanship through hand loom. The softness of the wool, the geometric motif and Molteni&C’s obsession for quality, combine together to create an elegant, precious, versatile and durable output.

“This year’s carpet was born from the need to get out of the classic carpet concept. The mood that I love so much about the mat, combined with the warmth and richness of the craftsmanship of the classic carpet. The meeting between these two worlds gives life to the Telaro carpet. A wonderful combination that is extremely versatile both in terms of workmanship and nuances.”

Marta Ferri


Marta Ferri

Marta Ferri was born in Milan on July, 21st 1984. The daughter of a photographer and an interior decorator, she learns to travel the world and grows up living on set with her father while she falls in love with colours, details and atmospheres through her mother.

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Marta Ferri

“As in all new projects, the learning process is full of emotion. Getting to know the world of Molteni&C, not only the products but also the professionals who work there, has inspired the final result”

Marta Ferri

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