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Prime is designed to express the full potential of a kitchen featuring recessed opening. It comes in a range of different compositions designed to meet the most sophisticated aesthetic demands. The finger recess runs seamlessly the length and breadth of the product and ends on the side panels, an alternative solution to the finished sides, offering ample scope for personalization. The Prime door is shaped at the top at 45° to make opening simpler and more ergonomic. The project also presents a new glass door for wall units and Flair columns, both lit with concealed LED profiles in the sides of the units, and the new Wing system with tapered aluminium shelves. The Prime snack bar completes the composition, with a titan and pewter aluminium framework and a top made of dark walnut accompained by Woody stools by Francesco Meda, who designs the entire Woody seating collection for Molteni&C.

Design Molteni&C R&D

Technical Details

The Prime kitchen designed by the Dada Engineered R&D division, is enhanced by Vionaro drawers, making the composition even more precious and functional. The exclusive Vionaro movement, with the patented black anodized aluminium side, guarantees the exceptional performance of the drawers. Wider and more spacious, they are perfect for adding practicality to Prime kitchens.

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