Closets are a key element in organizing a room. A well-crafted and functional closet design can help define the spirit of a designated space, becoming an important element of decoration. Molteni&C's wardrobe designs are made with state-of-the-art techniques and high-quality materials to offer furniture solutions that are both elegant, functional, and durable. Molteni&C closets are distinguished by their contemporary features that combine essential lines, harmonious proportions, and refined details. Thanks to their versatility and wide choice of finishes, accessories, and interior solutions, Molteni&C's modern closet designs fit perfectly into any environment and style.

The Gliss Master system, created by creative director Vincent Van Duysen for Molteni&C, redefines the concept of bedroom closet designs. Gliss system closets are customizable in every detail, from the choice of materials to the interior configuration, to organize space efficiently and practically. The wide range of available accessories and complements creates tailor-made solutions for every need. 


Patented technology, elegant finishes, and a high degree of customization allow the choice of materials for doors, storage units, and designer walk-in closets. The concept behind the Gliss Master closet designs becomes evident in the details: innovative recessed hinges with no visible mechanisms, new interior fittings (shoe racks, shirt racks, tie racks), and a smooth sliding system complete with magnetic dampers.


Gliss Master Window features an aluminum frame in a pewter finish, while the Gliss Master-Niche wall closet design offers a sophisticated handle recessed into the thickness of the door. 


The Gliss Master-Skin fitted closet door is fully upholstered in faux leather. Concealed hinges are cushioned, while handles are made of pewter or finished in eco-skin. The door of the Gliss Master Grip modern closet design, on the other hand, is applied directly to the edge; the sliding system with automatic juxtaposition in opening and closing remains the focal point of the contemporary structure.


Gliss Master Hollow full-height closet is distinguished by its recessed handle and bronze details. The collection of custom and designer cabinets experiments with a glaze finish, achieving a new skillfully crafted texture with a brushed effect. Rodolfo Dordoni's new Blend door is the latest addition to Molteni&C modern closet designs. A sophisticated fusion of aesthetics and functionality, the model personalizes the bedroom area to the fullest.


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