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Mar 2024 · Francesca Molteni

Like many of Gio Ponti's other pieces, the D.154.2 was conceived for a private client, the collectors Anala and Armando Planchart, as part of the project for their villa in Caracas, Venezuela.

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Nov 2022 · Riya Patel ·  online exclusive
Gio Ponti: a way of life

“Ponti style” is a lifestyle that emerged through six decades of the creative practice of Gio Ponti (1891-1979).

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Apr 2018 · Debika Ray ·  M MAGAZINE N°12
Ship Shape

Designers as Gio Ponti have long been attracted to the creative and intellectual freedom offered by maritime projects, and that continues to ring true today.

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Jan 2018 · Peter Hefti ·  M MAGAZINE N°12
Gio Ponti’s auditorium for the Time&Life Building in New York
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Mar 2016 · Francesca Molteni ·  M MAGAZINE N°10

“Architecture is an interpretation of life”, wrote Gio Ponti. “Amare Gio Ponti”, the first documentary about his work, previewed at the 2015 Milano Design Film Festival, is dedicated to the great 20th century maestro.

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Sep 2015 · Cristina Colli ·  M MAGAZINE N°09

An architectural fantasy,a virtuos display of spans, an acrobatic feat of proportions, a criss-cross of joints in Ponti's iconic project.

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Mar 2011 · Francesca Molteni ·  M MAGAZINE N°05
To re-make or not to re-make, that is the question

For private homes or for limited series, presented on the occasion of the 2012 Salone del Mobile. It is the result of in-depth research, selection and an analysis of prototypes, made possible thanks to cooperation and an exclusive agreement signed with Ponti’s heirs

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