Dada Storie/s

Jul 2013
Francesca Molteni
Dada Storie/s

Stories of people and kitchens, cities, designs and products, food, architects and designers

People, countries, cities. Clients, events and prototypes. Architects, designers and collections. Whole worlds and individual encounters related in Stories, a new publication that Dada presents on the eve of the 2013 Furniture Fair. Not a traditional catalogue but more an ensemble of narratives, each one considering the world of Dada from a different – and always novel – viewpoint in terms of product and project.

It celebrates 30 years of kitchens and achievements but above all it focuses on umpteen dinners, lunches and breakfasts. Interviews with architects and technical experts alongside meetings with families, couples, men and women who live, work, play, dream… and cook. Stories is a stream of places, products, notions, coincidences, experiences, interferences, in every place where thoroughly Italian products are to be found. Stories means Mesero, Dada SpA, the Molteni Group. But first and foremost it tells real lives of real people in real houses, across the world, next door, just around the corner.

It is a means of entering the lives of others, with discretion and much curiosity. Editorial project and texts by Cristiana Colli and Francesca Molteni, with coordination by Alessandro Ciani, Roberto Curati, Claudia Marocchino and Andrea Molteni. Graphics by Ma:design, photos by Andrea Astesiano Armando Bertacchi Mario Carrieri Vittorio Dozio Andrea Martiradonna Tiziano Sartorio Studio Guisset and Miro Zagnoli.

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