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Tivalì, the built-in kitchen for all spaces designed by Dante Bonuccelli in 2004, precursor of the “Everything in a Small Space” concept, is interpreted in a new project by Yabu Pushelberg, world famous Canadian designers, where technology and design come together to give rise to a perfect proposal.

Design Yabu Pushelberg

Technical Details

The concept behind the design was to have a kitchen, within a linear space of between 2.40 and 3 meters, where the scenographic element prevails and the kitchen reaches its highest expression, rather like the performance of an actor on stage. As on all theatrical stages, the curtain conceals the scene, revealed only in the presence of the actors, and thus Tivalì 2.0 by Yabu Pushelberg appears as a large closed kitchen range which at first does not reveal its precious contents. Two big concertina folding doors conceal the scene and, once open, thanks to sophisticated mechanisms, fit back, side by side, into the shape of the container, revealing it. The double cellular alluminium panel doors can be configured in the various finishes of the range, thereby enabling Tivalì 2.0 by Yabu Pushelberg to be seen in various interpretations.

The new sliding door mechanism has been revolutionised, losing the base and the lower carriage, but without forfeiting the fluidity of the sliding effect. Configurable in 3 different heights and 2 widths, it offers the inside layout infinite possibilities.

“The kitchen is a venue dedicated to partnership, whether it be between ingredients, friendships, families, or stories. The Tivalì Kitchen is a story of how these ingredients are brought together. Entrusted with designing a new iteration to Molteni&C Dada’s existing collection, we honed in on how we can modernize the design language of the kitchen while honoring tradition. Reflecting upon the uses and rituals associated with the kitchen and analyzing the existing design, we concluded that our approach must celebrate Tivalì as a venue that instills community and nurtures belonging. Rather than designing the kitchen as a singular venue within the home, we crafted Tivalì as a destination that is open, expressive, and inviting, evolving the design of the kitchen system through its form, proportion, and materials. Together, the elements of Tivalì permeate placemaking, to create an environment where traditions can be shared, memories made, and senses can be ignited.”

Yabu Pushelberg

In Yabu Pushelberg’s interpretation, the inside is extraordinarily scenographic, above all thanks to the configuration of the “amphitheatre” bases, where the curved marble or stone worktop and the sloping terminal bases give the kitchen an unusual sense of space. The marble-covered back panel acts as the theatrical wing and features an unconventionally designed set of shelves, left open to show what is needed. Innovative is also the design of the new handle YP.

Below the worktop, containers with doors and large baskets allow the functionality of the kitchen to be configured in the various design solutions, suitable for every use. Like any self-respecting stage, it has to be illuminated to perfection. A system of leds built into the shelves is designed to guarantee perfect practicality while at the same time offering a unique emotional effect. Hide and surprise, this is the new Tivalì 2.0 by Yabu Pushelberg.

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Yabu Pushelberg

George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg founded our studio in 1980 with an emphasis on interior design and have since expanded our firm into a multidisciplinary practice that addresses multiple layers of human experience. With offices in New York and Toronto and a team of more than a hundred creatives and professionals, we design buildings, interiors, landscapes, lighting, furniture, objects, and graphics with a focus that goes well beyond what things look like, to how they make people feel.

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Yabu Pushelberg

We design places and products: immersive environments, compelling destinations, and considered goods.

Yabu Pushelberg

Tivalì 2.0 by Yabu Pushelberg

Technical Details

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