Since 1980, Molteni S.p.a. has been part of the Molteni Group, among the principal industrial groups of the Italian furniture sector. The company's core business focuses on the production of retail furniture and supply contracts for hotels and restaurants, residences, shop and boutique chains, offices, headquarters, cruise ships, military ships and yachts.

The company takes into due consideration the company context and the expectations of the pertinent concerned parties, and analyses company risks in order to assess, to communicate, to eliminate and/or to diminish the risks associated with the activities.

The principal objectives are:

  • compliance with current national, regional, and local laws and the foreign laws concerning the countries involved in the furnishing supply;
  • to carry out a careful analysis of feasability and of the subsequent working plan, taking into consideration the requirements and expectations of the customer (materials, finishing touches, aesthetics, functionality, flexibility, normative provisions, delivery and price);
  • to make use of the services of qualified and reliable contractors and subcontractors, involving them in the search for products and services increasingly more dependable and innovative;
  • to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, an essential instrument for company promotion;
  • to promote steady improvement;
  • to adopt the best technologies available and economically affordable so as to prevent and minimize environmental impact, undertaking to steadily improve the efficiency of the same;
  • to favour preventive action against pollution rather than cutting it down at the end of the activities, as well as the prevention of possible emergencies;
  • to minimize the consumption of energy resources through the saving, re-use and valorisation of wood scrap as an energy source;
  • improvement of the nature of emissions into the atmosphere through a constant search for covering/upholstery products with less environmental impact;

Molteni S.p.a. also intends to inform the general public of its policy by making it available to anyone who so requests.

The Management undertakes to periodically re-examine the contents of its policy for the purpose of adapting it to changing conditions, organizational changes, techological evolution, legislative regulations, the updating of significant environmental impacts, and opportunities and risks concerning quality and environment.

Giussano, 07/01/2019
The Chairman

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