Home 2022

Home 2022


Molteni&C is pleased to introduce the new HOME Catalog, dedicated to the 2022 Collections. An elegant selection of modern and contemporary settings, that portray the brand's ability to combine design with architecture.

New Collection

In the Home 2022 pages, you will discover how natural light enriches the contemporary settings, unveiling the clarity of the shapes and the quality of the materials throughout spaces that are both private and in direct contact with nature.

Yoell and Cleo by Vincent Van Duysen Yoell and Cleo by Vincent Van Duysen
505 Up by Nicola Gallizia 505 Up by Nicola Gallizia
Cleo by Vincent Van Duysen Cleo by Vincent Van Duysen

Living is once again central to every corner of the home. A theater of life experienced, where the quality of the home environment is the key premise for planning the various rooms: increasingly more versatile, multifunctional, able to adapt and mould itself to a second usage. An idea of a cosy, reassuring and welcoming home.

But constantly evolving, which Molteni&C interprets through wall systems, the protagonists of the project and part and parcel of the architecture. “The home aspires to holistic well-being and to organic playfulness”, explains creative director Vincent Van Duysen, who is looking for lightness, fluidity and the etherial in the Molteni&C|Dada 2022 narrative project.

Blevio by Ignazio Gardella Blevio by Ignazio Gardella
Blevio by Ignazio Gardella Blevio by Ignazio Gardella

“This year our products have been stimulated by a strong desire not to abandon fluidity, sensuality or comfort. The concept of comfort is also visually translated in the tactility of the materials. Our eye is guided on every curve while a great feeling of calm emanates from the whole range. The notion of protection, of shelter, is very important in my work and I think the collection reflects that well. We are enveloped in these fluid forms as if we were inside a cocoon in which we would like to live ever”.

Vincent Van Duysen

The furnishings and the modular units become protagonists in the layout of the rooms. They are part of the architecture, because they fuse with the very articulation of the house, integrating new compositional possibilities that wrap round the existing architectures, such as the fireplace, or foresee new built-in functions such as the bar and the home office. In this way a symbiosis is created between furnishing systems and architectural walls.

And a dialogue between the structural and the mobile furniture, which become soloists within the home. Vincent Van Duysen is fond of pure, sensual-feeling material finishes. Pale and material woods, such as natural oak and eucalyptus, handbrushed or with visible grain, to create unique surfaces, live to the touch. In textiles he prefers light and earthy colors and material patterns that highlight the rounded shape of the cushions. For a home to be “felt”, soft and real. To be wrapped around itself, like a dress made to measure.

Living Box by Vincent Van Duysen Living Box by Vincent Van Duysen
Living Box by Vincent Van Duysen Living Box by Vincent Van Duysen
Gliss Master by Vincent Van Duysen Gliss Master by Vincent Van Duysen

Outdoor and indoor spaces are no longer separate in homes characterized by clarity, transparency and elegance. Terraces, verandas and open-plan spaces showcase an interplay of natural light and designs from the new collection.

Tivali2.0 byYabuPushelberg Tivali2.0 byYabuPushelberg

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