Embrace our Compound

Embrace our Compound


An architecture project over three levels, that takes inspiration from the International modernism, which we translated in an elegant, smooth almost gracious but especially domestic language.

Discover the 2020 Collection.

Signed by our Creative Director Vincent Van Duysen, a new collection that represents the heart of the needs of contemporary living,
where domestic spaces are versatile, multifunctional, and can be adapted and shaped according to their use.

Elegant design solutions dialogue harmoniously with architecture, offering a complete range of contemporary settings, from living, dining, night to kitchen areas.

The house is transformed into an ecosystem that learns to welcome, where different environments play a fundamental role in maintaining its balance.

“We have embraced a new décor direction steeped in the warmth and richness of materials and in their organic juxtaposition.”
Vincent Van Duysen

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