A magnificent obsession, Quality.


Because, as Sandro Bergonzoni says, we would like to “create something more destabilizing, talk about quality as something to be continually searched for, something in constant movement.” Yes, we asked an actor of many words, and Aldo Bonomi, a sociologist who observes and analyses the world of economics and its transformations, to talk to us about quality. Different tools, different views. We’ll try with a book, Q to M, forthcoming. With attention paid to the land and the people. Brianza-world is here. Because this year too we went elsewhere. In search of creativity, bringing Made in Italy with us. In search of new horizons and new partners. To strengthen our relationship with those who appreciated our work in the past. To ask questions, instead of answering them. We know where this search will lead us. But we think we have understood something too. Quality is not only in the product. Quality is in the method. It is perhaps impossible to define. But what an amazing challenge, this obsession.

A magnificent obsession, Quality.
A magnificent obsession, Quality.

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