May 2022
Francesca Molteni

Marta and Carlo move house and change their life and their town. The family grows with the arrival of their third child. And they, way before the pandemic, dream. Lots of wide, green spaces, magnificent windows overlooking the lake, the outside for living in the open even under the sun. It was the first and the only house that they viewed. That day was enough to change everything.

A house that they designed themselves, inside and out, in every single detail, re-designed starting from a pre-existing home – that of a poet with a passion for Japan, with vintage charm, with modernist influences, lots of light, wood and bamboo, a nice wood that surrounds it and brings Nature right into the living space. Far but near to the Lombard city where they lived together, after years wandering from one world city to another.

My Place. Marta and Carlo's new home

Episode 1. The Project
February 2021

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Carlo: “We found ourselves in trouble: moving house, changing the children’s school and then the wonderful news that we are expecting our third child, all in the same month. So, in June we will have to face all these things. It will be a disaster”.

Marta: “If we survive, it will be great, otherwise … you’ll see what happens”.

That’s how they begin, the beginning of the four-episode web series in which they are the protagonists, online in the new M Magazine, “My place. Marta Ferri”.

For Marta “the kitchen is the beating heart of a home. Why, because fire is warmth, it is life, it is the place where people get together”.

My Place. Marta and Carlo's new home

Episode 2. Interiors
May 2021

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“What struck me most about this house was precisely the “non context”. Arriving and saying “where am I? ”, says Marta. “The freedom that this sensation gave me, apart from the visions of certain houses in Japan or in California, is what most fascinated me. Little by little, everything else came along”.

The web series has accompanied them for over a year, it has seen the house grow with the family, the spaces to be defined, the discussions – just a few – between husband and wife on the leopardskin textile, the choice of colors, the small striped table.
Carlo: “My sweet other half has a very strong character. She is impetuous in her choices, I have my own ideas too, but in this I am a lamb. We have found our equilibrium, in which she acts and I complain”. Irony, fun, the occasional little arrows, a taste for strong choices, passion for interiors and for decorating – there is the relationship of a young creative couple in these episodes. And in the end, with their third baby, a new life begins.
My place, yes, exactly what I chose, Marta. And Carlo, of course.
“My place. Marta Ferri” is an original project, in four 8-minute episodes, promoted by Molteni&C | Dada, written and produced by Muse Factory of Projects for M&C Magazine.

My Place. Marta and Carlo's new home

Episode 3. The construction stile
September 2021

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For her new home, Marta Ferri chose the Ratio kitchen designed by Vincent Van Duysen. The project has a graphic and architectural character, based on decisive compositional shapes and on the quality of the warm and Mediterranean materials.
The Ratio island solution, chosen by Marta, includes built-in furniture and accessories, to meet the demands of a contemporary family. It also features snack surfaces, solutions for the innovative washing and cooking areas, perfectly integrated into the design.

The door has a vertical grain and a new handle profile. The color combination is enhanced with refined woods, such as thermo oak, and natural stones interspersed with sophisticated metals.

For the night-time area, Marta has chosen a sophisticated Gliss Master solution, designed by Vincent Van Duysen, among the most innovative in the Molteni&C collection. The Gliss Master wardrobe system ensures maximum functionality, aesthetic freedom and personalization to the last centimeter. Gliss Master is constantly evolving to offer new design solutions for contemporary living. For her new home project, Marta chose the “Hollow” door, with a completely recessed handle, in the pewter finishes and in the “Glaze” finish, a new artisanal texture which gives the surface a brushed look.

"As in everything new, there is the thrill of learning. Getting to know the Molteni&C world first hand, its products and the professionals who work there, inspired the end result "

Marta Ferri

Since 2016 her cooperation with Molteni&C marks an important point in a job that Marta Ferri began in the archives of Italy’s greatest textile manufacturers. The delicate sensitivity of the stylist has given rise to a unique collection of textiles combined with the new seating and sofa creations, which are renewed every year.

My Place. Marta and Carlo's new home

4. Housewarming
June 2022

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