Aug 2014
Cristina Colli

The Cedar

The Cedar is a legendary tree, the Phoenicians used it to build great ships, and it is believed to be the tree used to build King Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem. Thanks to its strength and its seductive aromatic resin, it is a symbol of longevity and grandeur, considered incorruptible, to the extent that for the Latins anything worthy of immortalization was digna cedro.
For centuries cedarwood was widely used in medicine and Ayurvedic practise exploits the therapeutic virtues of this wood – considered antibacterial, stimulating and anti-depressive. Without forgetting those wonderfully chewable pencils, on the wooden desks of our primary schools.

Products with inside Cedar finish. Gliss-Up, Pass-Word


Eucalyptus is a kind thought – honey, sweets, essential oils – it’s fun – think of the greedy koalas that devour its leaves – it is fresh and you can smell it in the air – the scent of bar-b-qs and bonfi res on the beach. Like the Cedar, it is a miraculous and versatile tree, widely used in pharmacology for its phytotherapeutic properties, in buildings and in interior design as a windbreaker, a quality wood, tough and durable for building houses, interiors and boats.
Heat treatment can help affect the tannins in the raw material to achieve darker colours similar to the smoking process.

Products in Euclyptus finish 505 Gliss-Up, Pass-Word, Segreto, Strand, Sweetdreams

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