Mar 2018
Francesca Molteni

Do objects speak to us? Are they witnesses and partners in our life? Or inanimate things? For example, can a wardrobe smile? Or make us smile? Can it feel embarrassed, react, feel emotions?

This is the story of an engaging, almost intimate relationship, between a wardrobe – Gliss Master – and a character. The character enters the room. While dusting the drawers, she hears a laugh. The wardrobe, sensitive to tickling, has come alive. It’s a subject that film directors Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine had also chosen for the film Koolhaas Houselife, in 2008. They had wondered: “What happens to architecture when people actually live in it?

In Solletico , the title of the short, illustrating the functions and the revolutionary structure of Gliss Master becomes a fun way to involve the spectator in the fabulous and slightly magical world of the main character. You can enter the wardrobe, as if it were a magic box, because it doesn’t have back panels as partitions, the doors rotate 180° and the interiors are so spacious that you can almost walk inside them. Leaving room for the imagination.

The authors of the short movie, Era Ora and Ivana Gloria, choose the language of animation and turn objects into characters, in the manner already experimented with in Volevo essere Mendini the film dedicated to Alessandro Mendini. The short produced by MUSE, which lasts 2 minutes and 20 seconds, was first previewed at the 2017 Milano Design Film Festival.

Curated by
Francesca Molteni

Film script by
Era Ora & Ivana Gloria

Directed by
Ivana Gloria

Leading actor
Martina Limonta

Gianluca Palma

Costume and production designer
Yuri Meloni

Editing and Sound
Ivana Gloria and Johnny Lawrence

A Muse Factory of Projects Production

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