Molteni&C dedicated its Gio Ponti Collection to the great Milanese master. Twelve different objects, expressions of the creativity and versatility of Ponti’s work and personality. Some are public pieces, commissioned by major industries, some unique and private originally designed for his home or customers. Others are pure Gio Ponti’s intuitions, drawings and sketches found in his archives.
All of them are expressions of Gio Ponti’s architecture and show Molteni&C’s passion for great architects.

"I am grateful to Anala and Armando Planchart for letting me honour their home with Italian art works, alongside the works of Venezuelan and international abstract artists and those of the great Venezuelan master Reveron (...). These range from Morandi paintings to those of Campigli, Melotti and Rui, the Venini and Seguso glasses, Gambone ceramics, and Ferrari silks..."
Gio Ponti, Domus 1961

The Plancharts commissioned Gio Ponti to design their home, on top of a cerro overlooking Caracas. For them, refined art collectors and Italy lovers, Ponti designed everything, from the structure to the furniture. This armchair is a shell to accommodate precious friends. It is a sculpture among sculptures and an art work among the art works.


The armchair, on the other hand, was designed for one of the projects closest to Gio Ponti’s heart, the villa of the Planchart collectors in Caracas (1953-57). It is part of the Gio Ponti Collection, which was curated by Molteni&C under the artistic direction of Studio Cerri & Associati.

Design Gio Ponti
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The best designs are timeless and this revisited edition respects that, by renovating and reviving the project’s soul. New technologies, materials, functional solutions, with respect for its original – exactly as Gio Ponti would have wanted.


This year the Molteni&C Collection designed by Gio Ponti is enriched with the D.355.1 hanging bookcase.

Design Gio Ponti
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Designed in the 1950s for M. Singer&Sons, one of the most important furnishing companies in New York, this small table is part of a collection for the American market. The combination of different shapes and materials testifies to Gio Ponti’s diversity and innovative power.

Small tables

Architecture, a pan virtuosity, acrobatic proportions and an intersection of joints. An infinite table which is a geometric dialogue between the glass and rosewood – lightness and abstraction distilled.

Design Gio Ponti
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"Recreating pieces that were never produced, (because Ponti used to design more than what he could have produced) or re-editing forgotten pieces, gives us the opportunity to better understand his personality, work and role in an important moment of Italian architecture"
Salvatore Licitra, Gio Ponti Archivist

The drawer unit designed in different variations between 1952 and 1955, is based on the original drawings kept by the Gio Ponti Archives. The art direction of this new edition was entrusted to Studio Cerri & Associati.

Single Units

Marked by hand-painted white drawer fronts with applied handles in various wood kinds (elm, Italian walnut, mahogany and rosewood).

Design Gio Ponti
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Molteni&C proposes the forms of the objects Gio Ponti designed and built for his house in Via Dezze in Milan. His small table, library, and armchair show that there was no gap between his personal appeals and his architectural vision. This is living according to Ponti.

Small tables

From Gio Ponti’s house, located in via Dezza in Milan, the small table D.555.1, designed in 1954-1955, is produced by Molteni&C based on the original drawings from the ponti archives.

Design Gio Ponti
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Bookshelves and multimedia

Designed in 1956-1957, the bookcase is part of the furniture of Gio Ponti’s private house in Via Dezza in Milan.
This re-edition is produced based on the original drawings from the Gio Ponti Archives. It is part of the Molteni&C Gio Ponti Collection.

Design Gio Ponti
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Designed in 1953, the D.153.1 armchair is part of the furniture of Gio Ponti’s private house in via Dezza in Milan. This re-edition is produced by Molteni&C based on the original drawings from the ponti archives.

Design Gio Ponti
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"Dotted" Fabric designed for Gio Ponti by Rubelli. 1934.
"Dotted" Fabric designed for Gio Ponti by Rubelli. 1934.

"To be comfortably seated while crossing your legs, little sitting and much backrest, tilted just like this, are necessary."
Gio Ponti

Molteni&C re-launches folding chairs designed by Gio Ponti in 1970 with a new and surprising look.

"The metal tube chair and table have an absolute original form, clearly distinguished from any of the traditional frames. They have a new practicality and elasticity, closer to the modern essential requirements. At the same time, their series-construction, can guarantee their form’s absolute perfection of beauty, in absolute conformity to the first model created by the artist."
Gio Ponti, Domus, 1939


Gio Ponti designed everything for the first Montecatini building in Largo Donegani in Milan in 1935, architecture and furnishings including desks, lamps, wardrobes.

Design Gio Ponti
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Gio Ponti designed the first Montecatini building at Largo Donegani in Milan in 1935. He designed everything, architecture and furnishings: desks, chairs, lamps and wardrobes.

Design Gio Ponti
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"The modern architect, the academic architect, should learn from the craftsmen: marble workers (shiny surfaces, polished, stone hammered, bush-hammered, and scaled), carpenters, stucco workers, blacksmiths, from all the workers and craftsmen (that is so beautiful)"
Gio Ponti, Amate l’architettura

D.950.1 D.950.1
D.754.1 D.754.1

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