Ron Gilad creates lozenge perimeter profile shelves that penetrate the wall, questioning our perception of the walls and turning them into objects to fascinate and conquer us.
Shelves with lozenge perimeter profile that penetrate the wall throwing our perception of walls into doubt. MDF covered in different woods, invisible shelf support in zinc-coated metal. Available also in painted colours. It is part of the Ron Gilad Grado° furnishing collection.

Design Ron Gilad

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Ron Gilad

Ron Gilad was born in Tel Aviv in 1972. After a few years in New York, he lives and works in Tel Aviv and Milan. Ron Gilad’s hybrid objects combine a practical ingenuity with an aesthetic effect which and are placed on a boundary between the abstract and functional. When he was asked to collaborate with Molteni&C, Ron Gilad initially wondered if he should behave as a designer or just be himself in the most authentic way. He found his answer by creating a connection between his more abstract and artistic ideas and commercial industry mechanisms and converting them into ingenious design products.

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Ron Gilad

"As a creative person, I question my point of view endlessly with the hope of finding intriguing new angles"

Ron Gilad


Technical Details

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